Child Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

With the curiosity of toddlers, we need to take the extra step to protect them. We have all seen the plastic plug inserts for plugs to help keep the toddlers from inserting objects into the plugs. Well if your toddler was like mine, they figured out real quick how to remove them. PLEASE read and watch the included video on how just spending as little as $50.00 for the whole house can help protect your toddlers.

Major wiring device manufacturers offer a wide range of tamper-resistant receptacles through specialized electrical distributors, home improvement centers and hardware stores. Many colors are available in both 15A and 20A capacities.
Contractors, specifiers, builders and homeowners should have no difficulty in sourcing tamper-resistant receptacles  appropriate to any application.

Thanks for taking the time to read this very important information.