$179 QuickInspect

The $179 QuickInspect is an affordable option for investors, as well as anyone on a budget.  As we all know, Time is Money!  So, if we can save time, we can save you money.  The savings comes in by us not having to spend hours creating a detailed, written inspection report, as this is a verbal walk-through (with you or your representative) of the home.

Basically, we look at the major systems of the house - structure, plumbing, electrical and HVAC - and inform you (or your representative) on the spot.  You take notes (written, photos, video &/or audio!) of what we tell you, and that is your list of concerns for that property. 

Many properties qualify for the $179 QuickInspect:
Less than 2200 square feet;
Move-In (not "trashed") condition.
All utilities on, water heater running, and furnace / AC running. 
Note that the $179 QuickInspect does not cover outbuildings, cosmetic items, inaccessible / sealed / locked areas, nor the quality of operation of closet doors, drawers, cabinets, etc.